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I love typing games. Here’s a 1990s example when the Internet was new. Go to any browser and type in™ as fast as you can; world record is 1.79 seconds.

A few tips…

-Remember not to type the semi-colon key. It’s just™. Accidentally typing the semi-colon key slows beginners down a lot!

-Keep practicing; typing™ in your browser feels different than typing it on a document or in an email because of search engine auto fill functionality.

-Don’t get discouraged if you’re not getting much faster at the beginning. Just takes practice and your fingers will start almost typing it automatically. There’s a video somewhere of the guy who set the world record; I’ll post a link to it later. His™ typing speed is ridiculous. Keep in mind people type the asdflkj sequence of keys out of habitual instinct when they’re board, typing dummy copy, fake usernames, etc., so people have lots of practice and have done it hundreds of times, making them wicked fast.

-Shoot me an email at and tell me your fastest time. I practice almost every day and my best is 3.17 seconds.

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